Yasufuku 930 FB576

SCD: ? ; Tenderness: ? ; Inbreeding Coefficient: 13%.
Legendary Yasufuku J930 was considered to be the greatest of all Wagyu Sires by Kenichi Ono. Ono pronounced him the “most well balanced bull of the Wagyu” & used the words “Ultimate” & “Perfection” to describe Yasufuku J930. This bull approximately produced 80,000 straws of semen prior to his death & Sired roughly 40,000 offspring’s in his lifetime. Yasufuku J930 Sired three of the top marbling bulls in Japan including a champion in the 9th Zenko 2007 All Japan Wagyu competition. Yasufuku J930 is a carrier of “CL16”, but free from all remaining Genetic Defects.