Shigeshigetani FB2907

SCD: VA; Tenderness: 3; Inbreeding Coefficient: 2%; Free of Genetic Defects.
Represents a very powerful strain of the Wagyu breed. He is 75% Tajima but still is known to produce offspring’s that are tall with a long body. His Dam Suzutani FB1617, is recognized as one of the “Top” brood cows in the Wagyu breed, being the Dam of the Great Sanjirou FB2501 as well as Suzutani genetics. Shigeshigetani is half bother with Sanjirou, but more closely bred then most, Suzutani is mother to both.  Shigeshigetani Sire is Haruki 2 FB1614 the half brother of Michifuku FB1615, & both were Sired by the same bull, Monjiro 11550 FB201.