Itoshigenami TF148 FB3682

SCD: VV; Tenderness: ?; Inbreeding Coefficient: 0%.
Itoshigenami TF148 is considered to be one of the top three bulls exported from Japan according to David Blackmore, renowned Australian Wagyu producer. Itoshigenami is a medium frame bull at 1,650#’s with excellent conformation. His offspring’s exhibit an excellent balance in all traits, both for quality beef production and cattle production. Producing carcasses of the highest quality, characterized by an abundance of very fine marbling, extremely soft fat with a low temperature melting point. He has Sired roughly 370 Registered Fullblood offspring’s , unknown on progeny used for beef production. Itoshigenami TF148 is a carrier of ” F11″, but Free from all remaining Genetic Defects.