Semen and Embryos

C Free Farms Wagyu semen is from balanced bloodline bulls that have outstanding marbling growth traits.

Black Wagyu SEXED semen

C FREE’S Topshelf FB13433 Sire to C FREE’S Topshelf;
KR Mich 400-351 FB 7646 is an ET son of Michifuku out of a JVP Kikuyasu dam. He is recessive free. Mich is a large framed, heavily muscled Tajjima bull. His calves are very growthy and the calves are grading prime and prime+. This bull will add to your profit margin by upgrading the carcass quality in your F1 herd or a fullblood herd as well.Please call for availability!
C FREE’S Burtus FB14800GrandSire to C FREE’S Burtus;
CHR Takazakura 101L FB5317 is a very complete Wagyu bull. Carcass traits and high marbling beef is your goal this Wagyu bull will help you achieve that. Takazakura 101L is siring larger framed heavier muscled calves with great length of body and added muscle shape. Look no further than Takazakura 101L for your Wagyu needs. Takazakura 101L is a 9 star bull for Marbling &Tenderness and a 7 star bull for Feed Efficiency.Please call for availability!


Hundreds of Full-blood Wagyu embryos available call or email ( for our list and price. Naming a few; Dia 6 Kitaseki, Shigeshigetani, Hirashigetayasu, Michifuku.